Why we give
50% of all we do.

Slow Road Photo is committed to living out of a place of gratitude and operating as a conduit to be a blessing in our community and to the world world at large. We don’t want our impact to be an afterthought, but instead we want it to be at the forefront of every single thing we do. So for 2019, Slow Road Photo is going to donate 50% of everything we make to one of our partner organizations. YES. Half of EVERYTHING. It’s crazy, right? And the best part is that through your photo session or school print order, you become a world changer, too. Together we can make little impacts that will add up to a whole lot. And I can’t think of anything in life more exciting than being on a team with you to do that!


We love knowing that every heirloom image we provide for your family or at your school furthers the good work that is being done by these organizations!


Hope Dental Clinic


Our mission is to provide dental care to those most in need, regardless of the ability to pay.


To offer our patients hope and a reason to smile, by expanding our connections to the community, oral health care providers, and students.