A Meditation for Mothers

Hi friends! This is a meditation I wrote to share on Mother’s Day at our church. As we mother through all the different stages of our journey, may these words strengthen and encourage us for the roads we travel. I love thinking lately about the feminine heart of God, not just God our Father, but God our Mother. This reading was inspired from that awakening, and I hope it blesses your heart!

The Mothering Heart of God


You pray it so often, it’s starting to feel like wishing on a star. 

Unrequited love- the giver with nowhere to give.

How long, O Lord?

You long for a child more than you’ve longed for anything- 

more than a million wants and wishes. 

And yet, nothing.

But we have a mother who sees your weariness. 

She feels your shoulders sagging under the weight of your dreams.

And with joy like a fountain, she says,

“Come, make your home in me.”


You glance across the room and you spot it-

That familiar love between a mother and her child

You feel it all over again 

That identity of motherhood, you wore it like a crown

But your child is no longer in your arms

And with that terror of loss comes even still another loss- your very name.


How can you live when the life you bore does not?

But we have a mother who knows where we’ve been

What we’ve lost. 

She doesn’t strip us of our titles

She seats us in heavenly places and gives us a future and a hope. 

She sees us in our grief

She loves us in our grief

She joins us in our grief.

She can hear the cry of her beloved daughter, and out of her abundance

She brushes your hair, she dresses you in soft things, she sings over you this lullaby,

“It is well”.


You are a newborn mother

Every moment suddenly consumed with the life you hold

Swaddled and filled with endless possibility.

Fears you’ve never known start bubbling up

Will your heart actually break under the weight of this love born to you? 

Such risky business, this loving with everything you’ve got

You are overjoyed, euphoric even, yes-

But your hands won’t stop shaking 

And the actual weight of the world is pressing up against you as you rock your perfect and terrifying gift

Back and forth, back and forth.

But we have a mother who can’t help but love you

It’s just who she is.

She sees you rocking in that chair with equal parts fears and thank yous.

She wrote the book on risky love

And she says over both new mother and child,

“Don’t be afraid. I have redeemed you. I’ve called you by name. You’re mine.”


Your children just left for school

The attempt at a peaceful morning turned again to an on par grab bag of 

Hastily made lunches

Lost and found homework folders

Mud tracked shoes through the kitchen 

Your voice waging war for patience, your very soul a battleground for peace 

As you struggle to breathe deeply and stay calm 

Part of you at least can step outside this moment to see

This is not the way you dreamt mothering would be- 

Half servant, half drill sergeant, and tired to the bone all over.

But we have a mother who lavishes us with “enoughs”- 

Enough time, enough patience, enough you.

She sees beauty in all of it- the dirty dishes, the muddy floor, the carpool lane.

She knows how to transform it all into glory to glory to glory.

She laughs in the face of those days that just don’t quit, and with a twinkle in her eye she says,

“Come. Co-create with me.”


You have mothered many more years than you have not

You have seen desert days and feast days

Days that swell your heart with wonder 

Days that threaten to steal your hope

You are brave, mama.

You have known loss. 

It has a way of finding the cracks in the wall and pushing in when you least expect it.

You have known joy beyond joy-

The kind you only taste from seeing how creatively those same cracks can be plastered over

Walls painted in fresher, more vibrant colors. 

You have said goodbye, perhaps, to your own mother now, to the one who tended you like a garden

Growing you into womanhood, blessing your journey as she walked a few steps in front of you.

And now you realize this journey was always your own all along.

You are tired, yes, but you are a strong, rooted force who knows where her home is.

And we have a mother who loves what you have made together. 

In the loss and in the triumph she holds you with arms that somehow make your own arms always just wide enough

And you are learning by and by that her yoke is easy.

She delights in you as she has all your life

Can you see her now, carrying you on her back? 

Can you hear her? 

She is singing over you a song that lifts you up and sets you free.

Oh mothering heart of God

You shepherd us

We don’t need a thing.

You let us catch our breath

You send us in the right direction

Your presence makes us secure.

You revive our drooping heads.

Our cup brims with blessing.

We mother in our homes, in our work, in our schools, in your Church.

We mother as young women and women who have seen much.

We mother in times of grief, in joy, in chaos, in restlessness- 

O Lord, teach us how to mother like you. 

And as you do, your beauty and love will chase after us 

Every day of our lives.

erica morrow