The Dawson Family | Newborn Lifestyle Session

In the midst of the hazy early baby days at home, it’s easy to say no to anything that isn’t absolutely essential. I mean, you have to get up multiple times a night to feed her, no question. Diaper is dirty? Going to change that for sure.

Beyond that? It’s hard to find the motivation to do much else! But even though it might not seem like a deal breaker now, I am so happy for the families who decide to make a little space for newborn photos at home. And by a little space, I mainly just mean leaving the front door unlocked. I bring everything with me (including coffee for mama and daddy), I find the dreamy natural light, and all the while the parents just get to sit and enjoy the moment with no responsibility. And then in the end, they have a million photos of our time together- because let’s be honest, if I like the picture, you are going to get it. No limits on how big your gallery can be with me. I want parents to have ALL the moments captured (and even the moments in between the moments).

So fun to start off the year with a slew of new babes to cuddle! Here were a few of my favorite moments with this sweet family.

erica morrow