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Let's celebrate!

Happy Mother's Day from Slow Road Photo


I have a super fun gift for you that I have been waiting on pins and needles to share! I wanted to give you something special this Mother's Day to celebrate YOU- the person that makes your family tick, the one who ties the shoes and stirs the mac and cheese and gives the hugs and plays allllllllllllllllll the Candy Land. You are your kiddo's hero and while it's not easy, it's the best and most beautiful work we will do on this planet. 

In the spirit of warming weather and budding blossoms, I got together with my awesome designer friend Leah Ragain  of Leah Ragain Design (check out more of her beautiful work HERE) to create something lovely and practical for you as we enter these summer months! 

We have created two Summer Bucket Lists for you!

This first one is all ready to go- we filled it out with all our favorite Slow Road summer adventures that we thought you would enjoy! There's also a second Summer Bucket list that's just waiting for your brilliant ideas to bring it to life.

And they are both yours to print and use as a gift from us- Happy Mother's Day! 

Keep up the good work, Mama. Let's put aside competition and comparisons this year and celebrate the beautiful lives the Mamas around us are living. So thankful to be a part of this tribe of women who live their lives with purpose and passion, and love their families with everything they've got. 

Happy Mother's Day!!


Open my Free Summer Bucket List!


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