Mama Love | studio session

Motherhood is rewarding and life giving and filled with adventure, but it's also the most exhausting and overwhelming work I have ever done. I honestly don't know how I would be able to do it at all without a handful of women in my life who give the greatest gift another mama could ever receive- empathy.

We make life hard enough on ourselves as it is with our constant "not enoughs"- there's just no room in life to get that from others as well. I made a conscious decision early in parenthood to make sure my inner circle, my home team, was saturated with other mothers who said "Me, too!" as often as they offered advice or tried to fix my problems. 

I LOVE this friend, and everyone who knows her loves her too. Her beautiful, joyful heart is such an encouragement to my spirit. As we do life together, I'm constantly so blessed by her example of what it looks like to offer grace and empathy to her family, to her friends, and ultimately to herself. She reminds me all the time that life is for adventure and play and joy, not for judgement and self doubt and shame. What a gift to have her in my life!

Here are a few favorite images from a recent mini session we did at the studio with two of her sweet kiddos. Enjoy! 

erica morrow