The Studio

The first time we stepped into our new studio space, we knew there was potential- somewhere deep, deep, DEEP down there. While it for sure was not love at first sight, there was just something about it that filled our imaginations with possibility. 

All along, our vision has been to create a space that feels as comfortable as being at home, minus the dirty clothes on the floor and the overflowing toys bins. We kept envisioning a house that was  stylish, classic, and cozy enough to be an option that you would LOVE for family photos, headshots, newborn sessions, you name it. Sometimes for any number of reasons, your house is just not the right fit for the photos you are looking for, and we designed this space with the hope that this space would fit the bill perfectly. 

We have touched every inch with paint, love, and more paint, and we are SO proud to introduce it to you, the Slow Road family! 


erica morrow