Welcome, Sweet Little One

Every once in a long while, we are able to bear witness to something that changes us to our core.

Walking through this adoption journey with our dear friends has left an imprint on all of our hearts, and we are still basking for some time in the glow of promises fulfilled and faithfulness walked out in such a surprise as this incredibly perfect baby boy. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 8.54.54 PM.png

He was carried in a womb that knew the cost of sacrificial love and was born into love that was full of both grief and hope and has been saturated in love since his first breath. It's a heavy and messy work, this letting go of a life on one side and the receiving of that life on the other. But there is beautifully redemptive threads woven through, even now, and as a village we are the standing stones that testify to the complexity and authenticity of this process that is full of rough edges and tears, but also anthems of praise and celebration. 

He is utterly adored by all of us, and none more than his big sister who will someday down the road be his strong place to stand as he becomes empowered to tell his own story and walk the journey before him. But for now, kisses.


We are so in love with you, little one. Welcome to this world and to this family whose arms have been open to you for so, so long. 

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erica morrow