Our Newest Little Buddy

We live on a winding street in a little community just north of St. Paul that is just dreamy. We didn't even know the neighborhood existed until we were on the hunt for a new home, but when we found this place, we knew it was where we wanted our family to grow. 

Our first neighbors and fast friends were a family just up the hill and around the corner, with their then three children and fierce tiny guard dog, Theodore. We were instantly drawn to their laid back ways, the fun atmosphere in their home, and the love that poured out of it. These guys knew how to make a home somewhere safe, beautiful, and full of life, and we have been so blessed ever since we moved in just by watching the way they knock that part of doing life out of the park.

Over time, our neighborhood has grown to include several more families with young kids, PTL. In the summer, I feel like we are a real life episode of The Little Rascals- kids pouring in and out of houses, dreaming and scheming up plans and playing up and down the street all day. And all the while, this dear family has continued to grow, baby by baby. 

This new addition to the crew makes 5 kiddos in all- 5 strong, beautiful, creative kids. So thankful they are a part of our improv baseball teams and our trampolines and lemonade stands and craft fairs- we love these people, and are so excited for this new addition to their family (and ours)!


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erica morrow