I See You

Mama with the little ones, I see you. Holding a babe in your arms, holding little hands in yours, struggling for a deep breath, for a second to clear your head. I see you. Giving your first fruits, your only fruits, to your babies. Scrambling to unload the dishwasher, to swap the laundry load, to finally put the water on for tea only to hear the cry of a baby ready to awaken. I see you. 

Giving your first, your best, your only to the lives who depends on you for all the things. You are brave, you are strong, you are beautiful. You were made to own this season with grit and chutzpah. You are tired, you are wondering how in the world you will ever carry the weight of the ask that has been place on your shoulders, but you are stronger than even you know. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 8.39.36 PM.png


 Be encouraged, sweet, sleepy mama. May you find your joy in the details, in the small, simple things. May you rise up with the courage to face the day with the stamina and grace that comes from a deep well that never runs dry. 

May the gift of messy, chaotic, perfect life be enough to sustain you and keep you whole, and as a village, may our eyes be opened to the sacred space that is this season of mothering little ones. You are seen, and you are precious, and you can do this.


erica morrow