Ice Cream Cones & Cutie Pies

In my work as a photographer, I find that at the end of every single one of my sessions, I leave with a new friend. It's been one of the best surprises of this work! But even better than that is walking into a session where I am surrounded by dear friends whom I have known for years and years. Our session the other night was just that, and it was seriously such a breath of fresh air to spend the evening together!

David was babies with some of these people. We went to college with many of them. One of the couples even flew home early from their honeymoon to stand beside us at our wedding thirteen years ago. In these recent years we have all been busy raising babies and just trying to keep our heads above water, so our times together are sadly few and far between. Since our day to day lives rarely intersect, I was GIDDY to get to spend the evening with them (and all of their precious kiddos). 


I laughed until I cried as I edited some of these shots, just remembering how much fun we had capturing real moments with these hilarious, creative, faithful, beautiful people.

I loved our night. Let's do it again tomorrow. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 8.41.07 PM.png
erica morrow