My Slow Road

The cabin is where David and I arrive, sometimes tired and cranky, sometimes with heads full of "to dos" and the "not dones" that come with it, always in need of deep breaths and slow downs. 

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It's where we set down the work, we stop striving, and we start resting. It's not producing anything, our resting and playing. But it does bring us back to life.

 We are drenched in family- strong, lovely people who love God with all their hearts and sacrificially love others with everything they've got. The cabin is the place where we can rest and play together, drink iced coffees and jump in the frozen lake. Stay up late talking and laughing and wake up early with the babies to do it all over again.

 We invite each other to embrace a different rhythm at the cabin. We all need permission to say yes to it, and I'm much more of a learner than a teacher. I strive and achieve and earn, and I'm not usually very good at rest. But I'm learning, we are learning together, and the cabin has been a guide in that for so many of us. 

May we all remember that the Slow Road is filled with wonder and a little magic, but it requires us to stop looking down and plowing ahead. It invites us to look up and take notice of the beauty that exists all around.

This summer, I'm going to choose to look up. To play and to appreciate more than I work or strive. To rest more than I make. To adventure more than I settle into my familiar spot on the couch. My road is beautiful, and I'm going to take it slow.

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erica morrow