Meet Gabi

We are in bunny heaven over here today getting to know our new little family member, Gabi the Bunny. The kids are over the moon, and I honestly can't walk by my daughter's door without sneaking a peek at our fuzzy love. :) 

My eldest is approaching her 10th birthday- double digits!!- and has been in love with bunnies for her entire life. Her stuffed rabbit, Hoppity, practically has his own seat at the dinner table. So when I picked her up unexpectedly at school yesterday and scooped her up into my car to drive an hour into the country to meet a bunny of her very own, she didn't stop smiling the entire way there. 

I know I mentioned this on an earlier Instagram post, but I have just been thinking a lot lately about how much easier it is to tell our kids "no" than "yes"- it's usually much more convenient, less messy, less work, but it's not always the best answer. This was one of those moments. We want the kids to remember our home as one of great adventure and lots and lots of play, even when it invites a little more chaos than we would like! For sure, it would have been less complicated and much easier to just continue to say no to the bunny. The "no" could have been so simple, but the "yes" was a memory none of us will ever forget.


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erica morrow