Sister, Sister

I know, right? Aren't they the most adorable of all the families? I'm maybe just a little biased because they happen to be my family, too! :)

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 9.17.55 PM.png

I love taking photos for people I know and love- it's such a fun challenge to capture each person as honestly as possible.

I want the photos to look beautiful, always, but even more than that, I want them to look real. But when you are this crew, the beautiful part just happens by default. When my sister and her family asked for a session in the new studio, I was more than happy to oblige! 

As we were looking back through the photos together, my sister and I were musing about how important it is to step back and look at your family with fresh eyes. Instead of being deep in the trenches of parenting and all that life brings, we must take a moment every so often to look from the outside in to see just how blessed we are. Our families are unique and chaotic and sometimes all kinds of crazy, but they are ours and we are the luckiest on earth to have them.

And that, friends, is truth for each of us to grab on to with our desperate little hands when the going gets tough- and more often than not, it does. So here's to celebrating the sticky red candy hands and the unruly tutu twirls in all of our families. And somehow, celebrating that kind of stuff makes life about as sweet as it can be.

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erica morrow