Growing Our Tribe

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Our friendship began in the season of life pre-baby, where time was our own and we were full of hopes and ideas for what our lives would look like and how our families would grow. She was the first of our friends to get pregnant, and I watched in wonder as she stepped into motherhood with grace and beauty, and truly made it look about as good as anyone could. 

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I'll never forget the first time I held her eldest babe, now just a hair over ten years old. She was tiny and perfect and made me feel like having a baby was the nearest thing to a miracle we would experience in this life (and in my own life, I still think it's true). 

My first baby came that same year, and then within half a decade we had many more between the two of us. But now just as my littlest is four and I am just on the other side of those early baby days, this dearest of friends just gave birth to their number three, a little boy with cheeks for days and siblings as proud as any I've seen.

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I couldn't miss the chance to fly back to Colorado the first chance I got to shower this little one with kisses and whisper in his ear that he is ours. He's a part of this friendship between families that has seen many tears from both joy and sorrow, kitchen dance parties, game nights, cross country adventures, and a lot of growing up in between. He's the newest, and probably final member of us, and we could not be more excited to welcome him in.


erica morrow