Bunk Beds and Best Friends

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Real, beautiful, perfectly chaotic family life. I always get so frustrated by comments about how much we will miss this season later when kids are grown- I want to say, "well they aren't grown, and this is really hard!" 


As I kiss one goodnight, I stay extra long by her bed and really drink her in- savor her sweet presence. And it stops me dead in my tracks. We can't forget the magic of these days with little footie pj feet and French braid pigtails, of goodnight kisses and stories and songs. 

I want to pledge to love where I am at right now, and I want to help you love where you are at as well. Mornings like this, in all of their crazy and predictably remarkable glory. And bunk beds. And best buddies all snuggled as close to mama as a tribe could be.

And family-  the real, beautiful, perfectly everything family. 

erica morrow