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"Hi I'm Audrey! I'm a Mama to my Charlotte, a professional coffee drinker, and I think cranky Grandpas are probably the most hilarious people on the planet. When I'm not taking pictures of all the things you can find me reading, gardening, doing a crossword puzzle, and most likely reheating my coffee for the 3rd time that day! I think I might be the luckiest girl in the world because I get to do what I LOVE for a living . . . but Oprah seems to have a pretty cool life too, so maybe I'm the second luckiest."


  • Playing with Charlotte

  • Drinking delicious coffee

  • Reading that perfect book

Favorite Sessions

I love sessions where being real is more important that everything looking a certain way. Keeping things relaxed and fun, especially when I’m photographing kids, helps everyone to be at their best.

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Audrey Johnson




Audrey's style